You also feel like doing something “different” with your life, such as allowing yourself to search for exciting future possibilities. If you are presently unattached, your concept of love may change, leading you to feel insecure or anxious when in social or romantic situations. Some of your ideas and feelings are more liberated now. Transiting Chiron conjunct Natal Midheaven. You must guard against double standards and making obscure statements when telling others your opinion or viewpoint. Venus entered Gemini on July 4th. At this time, your communicating ability can go beyond words, and therefore, you also relate well on physical, spiritual and emotional levels with others. Chiron is the wounded healer, and represents our deepest wounds. During this period, you may attempt to get in touch with your relationship needs. Ideas you conceive during this period reflect your need for change. It brought me some much needed comfort. Avoid starting a new relationship at this time, because it can be characterized by these energies. Communications and plans may be disturbed by events or experiences that interfere with your original intentions. Disruption in your emotional environment creates a conflict between your need to be independent and, at the same time, attached. Changes and transitions in your plans can be slow to manifest at this time. Whether it is a personal, love, work or health situation depends upon where you have carried too much emotional and psychological baggage. This can be most obvious when transit Pluto first enters a house, and you’re slapped in the face with his intense, passionate, profound energy. You may be able to discover ideas and insights that others may have overlooked, also giving you a chance to help people see things from a new perspective. There is also a possibility that you will experience conflict or struggles with others, either by intentionally provoking an argument or by being on the receiving end of someone else’s hostile or aggressive behavior. A current event can be emotionally troubling to you at this time. Mars wants to … For example, if your normal route was to repress your originality and individuality, you may now change some of your old beliefs and philosophies and utilize your own free will. Saturn Transit to Chiron – Take Responsibility for Your Wounds — 18 Comments A S on September 14, 2020 at 5:54 pm said: I have Chiron in 5tau, also Mars/Venus 8Tau + and Saturn in 13Leo + Uranus in 8ºSco, Saturn/Jupiter and then Pluto in square and grand square? By reflecting inward, you may be able to learn more about life and gain fresh insights and greater understanding. Although this period can bring challenges to your original views, you still try to remain optimistic and open-minded to even greater possibilities. Pluto Square Chiron. My boyfriend currently has an INTENSE Pluto transit this year… Currently Pluto squares natal sun and ascendant, Pluto opposite midhaven, Saturn is currently square his sun, moon while opposite Chiron. Spiritual guidance and your own inner wisdom helps you avoid upsets at this time. Transiting Chiron sextile Natal Ascendant. Furthermore, you may have an opportunity to teach or calm others by offering them ways to clarify their own thoughts and improve their communication skills. Following each description is a comprehensive rundown of how each Planet is impacted by the transit of every other Planet, based on the sign of the natal planet. The planet person may (inadvertently) push Chiron’s buttons, or vice-versa, reminding him of past hurts he has been carrying throughout his life. You may not realize the intensity of emotions brewing within and therefore project them onto those around you, becoming demanding that everything be done your way or trying to outsmart others in an underhanded manner. Transiting Chiron quincunx Natal Ascendant. Pluto Square North Node. Pluto trine, sextile or semi-sextile Chiron in the synastry chart. Social or romantic encounters may bring you hurt and disappointment during this period. You move forward by realizing your limitations and restrictions and acting realistically within that framework. Pluto hasn’t yet made any aspects to natal planets since it entered my 11 th House, but it will form a square to Jupiter/Saturn, a conjunction to Mars, trine to natal Chiron, a square to natal Pluto, sextiles to both Uranus and Venus, and a conjunction to natal Moon during its transit there. There is a need to show your mate that you have that “special touch”, which gives you the advantage over everyone else. This is a good time to gain some perspective on areas of your life which need improvement. Whether it is a personal, love, work or health situation depends upon where you have carried too much emotional and psychological baggage. Adverse reactions to your ideas can arise, or someone may purposely try to sabotage your way of doing things. A sense of restlessness permeates this period, but make sure you avoid risky ventures. If old matters need to be cleared up, you are afforded with opportunities to do so now. There is a tendency to suppress your own original ideas or avoid taking a definite stand on important issues for fear of contradicting or displeasing others. :). Read About Current Transits Here! On another level, you and your mate can begin constructive joint ventures now, for instance, combining your unique talents and abilities on a project or making sound investments from your personal assets and financial resources. You may become aware of a need to rebuild positive family values in your home environment. At the moment of the fire (4/19/93, 12:15 PM, Waco, TX), Pluto conjoined focal Jupiter, and Saturn was conjunct natal Chiron. Pluto is making its U-turn at the exact degree of  Chiron on my chart. If you have already done your emotional and spiritual homework prior to this astrological influence, then you will fare much better than most. There is a lot of anxiety as to what your dreams and aspirations really are, but if you focus on personal needs that are realistic, then this period can bring a more healthy emotional connection with others, as well as allowing you enough separateness to be fully aware of your inner nature. You can provoke your mate or marriage partner without realizing it, creating conflicts which hurt and distress you. pluto - scorpio- 6th house. However, if you release yourself from negative thinking, you have a better chance of generating a positive response from those around you. Chiron is the wounded healer, and represents our deepest wounds. Something new that attracts you or appeals to your ego can be destructive now. Your emotions and subconscious desires motivate you to rearrange your thinking to allow for greater emotional involvement within your domestic or professional life. Me, Edwin Learnard, talking about Chiron in major adverse aspect to Pluto in a natal chart. Events which occur now can open old emotional wounds and resentments from a previous time in your life. You also need to analyze your views very carefully, in order to ensure that you are not limiting yourself to a narrow way of thinking. This is the time to abandon obsessions, jealousies and other emotionally damaging behavior that holds you back from making healthy connections with the people in your environment, as well as to rethink negative attitudes which hinder your own personal growth. Similarly, you enjoy taking risks and finding new ways to beat insurmountable odds or no-win situations. Pl), for driving (na. Positively, if a confrontation arises, you may be able to find a healthy way to release suppressed anger, stemming from unresolved past issues, or you may express your own aggressive tendencies in a more appropriate manner. This is a good time to launch your personal goals and put your inspirations into motion. When Mercury is retrograde we often see communication and equipment snafus, and things not going according to plan. At the same time, you could spend this period analyzing your own self-defeating ways and, if necessary, alter your attitude and behavior in order to remedy problems in your private life. Aries in Chiron square Capricorn Pluto tends to be one of the most challenging experiences. You have a distinctive quality of self-confidence and personal charm which allows you to influence others to go along with your plans, viewpoints, or creative enterprises. Venus sextile Uranus. Your adventurous spirit might pose problems in a personal or professional partnership. If you set realistic limits on how much you are willing to give to others, you are less apt to depreciate your own worthiness. They will look at transiting Pluto over natal Chiron, or progressed Venus square Saturn, and they will talk primarily about what is on offer in terms of growth. You approach the world with confidence in your own intentions and purposes. You may also want to share some of your unique experiences with others now, such as expressing something which you normally would not have considered before. Thanks for this article, Lynn. You might take unusual steps to achieve your means, such as overstating your authority or breaking rules and established guidelines without realizing the consequences which result if you do not act with proper discipline and direction. If you sense that someone is having a hard time coping with a dilemma, you identify strongly with their feelings and reassure them with new hope or encourage them to regain a better perspective on their situation. As a result, this can cause you to have your feelings hurt by someone who takes advantage of your sensitivity and compassion now. You may experience hurt and disappointment through someone around you who behaves in an unusual or peculiar fashion. For example, if a job or relationship has hindered your growth due to feelings of guilt, fear, insecurity or denial, you may come to the realization that you are lowering your idea of your self-worth or that you are involved in an impossible situation. You may no longer feel satisfied with existing patterns and structures in your life; therefore, you redefine the established norms. But a 40-year transit is exceptionally rare. During this time, you will most likely experience change or upheaval in areas of your life that have prevented you from individual, emotional, and spiritual growth. You may encounter conflict with authority, insubordination, power struggles, or manipulative politics. This may be a time of deep introspection and soul-searching. You feel your own “original” ideas are much more important than the ideas of others; therefore, it is difficult for you to go along with the plans of anyone else. You may be overprotective of your own feelings; therefore, you prevent others from really understanding what you want. There is a fear that confrontations with others will bring out your most negative side and, in order to protect yourself from rejection, you cover up your emotions with an personal facade of power and control. An over emphasis on having your way or gaining recognition, status or achievement can become a substitute for emotional and domestic connections in your personal life. I feel that even if people find me spontaneous and amused because of the position of Venus. You move toward greater wisdom and personal growth at this time. You may be easily offended and hurt by a misunderstanding which arises during this time. You will want to do things that are different, challenging and exciting now. For example, a current situation can trigger images or memories of being hurt, humiliated or set apart from others when you felt different or insecure. – I have Chiron retrograde which means I had a Chiron return when I was a baby . I have pluto (2nd house) sq chiron (5th house) at the moment (plus other nerve wracking transits like pluto opp sun and uranus sq sun). Once you come to grips with what has troubled you, you search for something extraordinary to make you feel special and significant. But a 40-year transit is exceptionally rare. Thinking up or pioneering new enterprises and adventures is satisfying to you. Transiting Chiron quincunx Natal Midheaven. Problems can occur because you are unable to communicate in a way that harmonizes with others now. This time can be extended if the transit Pluto is making is a multiple of complex one. Saturn Transit to Chiron – Take Responsibility for Your Wounds — 18 Comments A S on September 14, 2020 at 5:54 pm said: I have Chiron in 5tau, also Mars/Venus 8Tau + and Saturn in 13Leo + Uranus in 8ºSco, Saturn/Jupiter and then Pluto in square and grand square? Pluto was excactely square my moon about a month ago, and although I was expecting a tough time, I am still surprised at the intensity of the last few weeks. Emotional tension which develops now may remind you of a problem or separation that affected you strongly in the past. Your post reminded me again that this is going to end sometime in the future. Events at this time cause you to reevaluate prior feelings of inferiority or self-doubt which have prevented you from harmonizing your intentions with others. It may take a considerable struggle and effort on your part to reconcile your differences with others, as you may fear that it only increases your dependence on them and undermines your ability to act independently. Pluto Transits Through Your Second House: Watch your money and possessions, especially if transiting Pluto makes stress aspects (conjunction, square and opposition) with any of your natal planets while it is going through this house. There can be a subtle difference in the way you relate to loved ones, such as being more attentive, soft, and tender or your tastes may change and you seek greater refinement and balance in your partnerships. Transiting Chiron square Natal Pluto. Unresolved emotional issues demand your attention, and you feel the hurt and pain associated with the opening of old wounds. It may seem impossible to stop yourself from doing the opposite of what others tell you to do. You may happen upon a unique way to capitalize on your accomplishments. Unlike previous times, you can now see beyond the scope of your present ideas and aspirations, bringing about a chance for greater confidence in life’s possibilities. Circumstances which occur now have you feeling unfairly treated or frustrated by not being able to do as you please. The reverse is also possible. Try to not take offense so easily and learn the importance of releasing your feelings in more affectionate and caring ways. Pluto Trine North Node. Make your choices carefully and do not allow other people’s beliefs or judgments to influence your decisions. This period helps to illuminate your thoughts and ideas, enabling you to use your intuition to come up with new solutions for overcoming problems or situations which have previously challenged you. You may feel tempted to find new methods of fulfilling your obligations and responsibilities, rebelling against all the conditions that have previously shaped your beliefs. You might feel scattered in your loyalties or in some way troubled until you can resolve any painful issues you have with a loved one. It is difficult to conform to rigid standards or handle pressure from others to go along with their demands. Here you will find all of the old site content. Your strategy now may be to do everything possible to show others that you are NOT different. At this time you may feel less comfortable with your emotional and mental outlook. You have a greater ability to guide others with your sincere concern, stability or protection. In other words, everything we take for granted. You may seek a deeper understanding of yourself and human nature. Your ideas are likely to be quite original and varied, and you may seek new ways to stimulate yourself mentally. Chiron, Venus Leave a comment. The individual undergoing this process can experience some evolutionary, and great changes spiritually. You may be tempted into unruly behavior in reaction to a painful, stagnant situation. This period may bring changes in your usual routines and manner of thinking. Not everybody is bound to have a Pluto to Sun transit in their lifetime, but everybody will, at some point, usually in their late 30s / … This can be an exciting period for taking decisive action; however, you are also prone to selfish behavior, mostly aimed at gratifying your own desires. This may lead to the challenge of finding an appropriate balance between the two. Your position may be challenged by those who would rather not tolerate your defensive behavior. You are able to negotiate or get past your differences with others. At this time, you realize the importance of bringing your own individuality and creativity into all you do. Mars wants to fight, argue, stand up for oneself, it can be in a… You tend to take risks, break rules, and put untried plans and methods into operation. What's festering from the past rises up and can be overwhelming. In some instances, this process can cause you to feel hurt and disappointed, or you can use it as a learning experience by looking at things from a new angle or perspective. It can feel as if the gates of hell are opening underneath your feet and the more you hold on to something and obsessively try to protect it, the more you can be sure Pluto will take away just that. If a pressing issue needs to be resolved at this time, you may need the guidance and advice of someone whom you deeply trust and respect. Leading the way for others is more appealing to you now than following someone else’s direction. Of course, you’re just waiting for any opportunity to flex your muscles and they’re merely obliging by responding to your invitation. You may prefer to hold back some of your concern for others if you are unsure or afraid of their emotional responses. Venus square Chiron. This turning point requires you to let go of past unhealthy behaviors and attitudes. Pluto Square Juno. As a strongly psychological, and psychic person — one of the worsts transits for me is Moon Square Chiron. Some of these inner feelings will seem to be related to memories of prior emotional attachments or fears of rejection. In synastry, Chiron contacts indicate that healing can be achieved through your union. You tend to view things differently or with a new perspective at this time. The Chiron person has the ability to cleanse the planet person’s wound… Your behavior may appear non-conforming and self-motivated at this time. Since you have trouble keeping track of your thoughts, you may not communicate vital information or you may make decisions based on an emotional reaction instead of sound judgment. When it comes to love and romance, you may not be willing to give of yourself what you ask of another at this time. Detrimental habits, attitudes, beliefs and relationships are the types of things that are likely to cause more problems in your life until something happens to force change. T Pluto can last longer if it is afflicting a Progressed planet. Since your better judgment is urging you to follow your own inner guidelines, you may set a positive example for others now, and can help them to discover their own individuality in the process. On the other hand, you may have no choice but to alter your behavior and attitudes with regard to your professional life. A minor or even major conflict can force you to change or adapt to a greater level of maturity and assertiveness. You may limit your own freedom of expression through confusion, doubt or fear of not being accepted. Long-standing issues can be resolved at this time and there is a possibility that someone from your past may make an attempt to reconcile their differences with you. Think about it: a normal transit (let’s say, Sun square Venus) lasts for a few days only. At this time, your sensitivity and compassion is aroused through your experiences with those around you. This is a time when you are drawn to working on areas of self-improvement. This extremely long-term transit brings gradual but deep changes in your mindset. They may want to find answers more, so a look under the surface is surely necessary. It is important to avoid misleading others or causing them needless pain through emotional irresponsibility. In work, love, or life in general, you can adopt the attitude that you have strength and supremacy over everyone else. In addition, this is a time when you may give or receive less social invitations than usual, as doors do not readily open to meet your needs. Why can't I find much info on Pluto square Chiron in natal chart? Example: natal Moon at 14 Taurus, natal Sun at 16 Capricorn, and natal Mars at 18 Cancer. For example, someone may betray your trust or confidence, your faith in religion and spirituality can be tested or denied, or an event occurs which enlightens you to the harshness of the world, leaving you unable to believe in or trust in that which you once did. Transit Pluto usually only moves through 3-5 houses in a chart during your lifetime. Through education or religion or by adopting a more intellectual perspective, you search for ways to gain greater knowledge and insight into different ways of thinking. Drastic changes can occur in your way of thinking or your view of your inner and outer worlds. Relief or recovery from a personal crisis or health or work problem may come through your belief that all things are possible now and because of your more optimistic outlook and renewed sense of hope. T Pluto can last longer if it is afflicting a Progressed planet. It’s easy to fall into depression and constant self recrimination but ultimately I have to tell myself “that was then, this is now so what are you going to do to move forward”. Branching out into profitable new areas is accomplished through creative and innovative thinking. For example, you may become involved in spiritual, educational or travel pursuits which open new doors to greater knowledge and awareness.